PH-U459WN (LG Humidifying Air Purifier)
PH-U459WN (LG Humidifying Air Purifier)  Air Purifier LG Johor Bahru JB Malaysia Supply, Installation, Repair, Maintenance | Double K Air Conditioning & Engineering Sdn Bhd
- Ultimate 6 layers Air Purifying System

  Eliminates dust and haze-causing materials.It also provides sterilization and natural humidification for health.
Ultimate 6 layers Air Purifying System

- Haze & Odor Away Filter
  Haze gas and haze-causing materials (SO2 & NO2) are absorbed by the filter,and then eliminated by a chemical reaction with the haze-block coating.
Haze & Odor Away Filter

- HEPA Filter 
  High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter provides strong filtration of bacteria,viruses,and yellow dust.Also shows 99.9% removal of PM2.5.
HEPA Filter

- Powerful Sterilization 
  Over 2 million plasma ions eliminate airborne bacteria,viruses and other harmful substaces.
Powerful Sterilization

- Convenience

- Natural Humidification
  LG Optimizes your indoor air through its innvative technology which create a breeze of moisture that leaves you comfortable and healthy.

- Mechanism of Natural Humidification
  A rotating water disc filter traps harmful substances in the water tray and emits ultra fine and clean moisture into the air.
Mechanism of Natural Humidification

Air Flow Level (m3/h)
Filter Layers
Mood Lighting
Noise (Max. / Min.)
Ozone Generate Level (ppm)
Dimension (WxHxD)
Weight (Net)

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