Purchaser (采购员)

1. Have the right to inspect and manage the warehouse.
2. Responsible for the procurement of materials and equipment of the company.
3. Responsible for checking the quality and quantity of materials purchased.
4. Have the right to reject purchase orders that have not been approved by the director.
5. Responsible for keeping the necessary original records of the procurement work, doing statistics and reporting regularly to director.
6. Purchase order must provide when purchase the materials or equipment and report it to the superior.
7. Purchasing must be carried out in strict accordance with the process, control reduces the procurement cost, conduct management and evaluation to supplier, update suppliers (form) per year by a certain percentage.
8. Responsible for coordination with admin department when ordering stock.
9. Comprehensively allocate the company's inventory resources, must understand the current inventory situation when ordering, in the case have storage of stock, must according to out of stock first.

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Mechanical Engineer (机械工程师)

1. Must responsible for the quality and safety of the project. Well management on project balanced construction and processes.

2. Must responsible on the inspection works for air conditioning system drainage, refrigerant pipes installation process. Concealed piping works, hidden engineering and electrical wiring works must be inspected by engineer/project coordinator.

3. By using AUTOCAD or GSTAR drawing software, able to handle the ACMV layout plan, project submission drawing and as built drawing.

4. Must responsible/attend on all project important meeting.

5. Propose monthly and annual supervision and inspection plan based on the construction progress.

6. Cooperate with construction unit to prepare overall project progress schedule based on the contract period.

7. Ensure that the project is completed on time and on quality, minimize project costs, save materials, and achieve the overall project objectives.

8. Responsible for the daily record management of the construction technical work progress of the project construction site.

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