Project Admin (工程行政助理)

1. Collect, collate and manage various technical documents, tender contracts, letters, drawings and others relevant information.
2. Responsible for all kinds of official letters, notices, briefings, information transmission, collection, collation, delivery and other work.
3. Ensure the administrative documents must be collect and store in right file, and also document drafting works.
4. Skilled in Microsoft Words, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point and AUTOCAD,with strong writing ability.
5. Cheerful, with strong communication skills and ability to coordinate and work independently.
6. To assist project manager on document drafting, deal with all kinds of internal and external correspondence.
7. To participate in regular meetings, to complete the regular meeting minutes. ( decide as circumstances require)
8. To help convey and deliver the instructions from department manager, orders, notice, decision and etc to relevant department. Which shall include to expedite, inspect and implement those orders,notice, decision and work plan.
9. To complete all the urgent work assigned by leader.
10. To understand all the site overall progress, assist project manager to complete the project weekly,
monthly progress claim, certificate, payment status, future funding/material cost plan, daily administrative items plan and etc.
11. Review and manage the fax documents, documents, email, and daily general paper works.
12. To assist the project manager liaise and coordinate with company department, and others correspondent coordination.
13. Responsible for drafting and finalizing project inspection works format,project document format and etc.
14. To collect and categorize all the documents after the completion of projects.

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Quantity Surveyor (工料测量师)

1) Responsible for compiling general budget and estimate individual project comprehensive budget,construction drawing budget, prepare in timely, all the data and content shall complete and accurate.
2) Review the budget of project thoroughly.
3) Participate in construction, materials and equipment bidding,investment control.
4) Review the requirements of the bidding activities and the contract terms.
5) Participate in materials and equipment inquiry, check on the procurement of raw materials,have good understanding on raw materials.
6) Responsible for reviewing project pre-settlement and material plan compiled by construction department.
7) Responsible in coordination and preparation of project bidding,provide a reliable basis for the evaluation work.
8) Understand the Malaysian Construction and Contract Law (PAM CONTRACT).
9) Mainly responsible for the cost control during the construction of the project and bidding period.
10) Responsible for all kinds of bidding documents, notices, circulars, information transmission,collection, sorting, submitting and etc.
11) Attend the regular meeting,complete minutes of regular meeting. (depend on situation)
12) To understand the basic progress of the professional engineering site, to assist project manager to complete the project weekly report, project monthly report, capital plan for next month,daily administrative items plan and other aspects of work.
13) Assist project manager to liaise with various departments and external correspondence.
14) Responsible in produce all the form related with project.
15) Sorting and archiving file after completion of the project.
16) Complete the urgent work assigned by leader.

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Warehouse Assistant & Company Driver (仓库助理与公司司机)

1. Pack and label completed items for shipment or storage.
2. Follow all company guidelines regarding packaging.
3. Identify and dispose of defective items.
4. Responsible for the planning, setting and execution of the placement of warehouse materials.
5. Maintain a clean work area.
6. Obey the arrangements of the business shipping personnel, strictly follow the company's rules and regulations, treat customers politely, deliver goods, letters and documents safely.
7. The product protection during the delivery process must be carried out in strict accordance with the regulations, and the easily damaged goods should be handled with care.
8. Understand the different delivery requirements of different customers and master the process of each link of delivery.
9. Do a good job in the inventory and sorting of goods when they are shipped and arrived.
10. To complete the other matters or urgent tasks assigned by superiors.

1. 包装完成的物品并贴上标签以便装运或储存。
2. 遵循公司关于包装的所有指导方针。
3. 识别和处理有缺陷的物品。
4. 负责仓库物料的放置区域规划、定置、执行.
5. 保持工作区域清洁。
6. 服从业务出货人员的安排,严格按公司各项规章制度,礼貌待客,安全送货, 书信与文件。
7. 送货过程中之产品防护,严格依规定搬运物品,対易损坏的货物要做到小心轻放。
8. 了解不同客户的不同送货与文件要求,掌握送货各环节流程。
9. 做好货物出货及到货时的清点,整理。
10. 完成上级安排的其他事项或临时交办事项。

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General Clerk 普通书记

1. Assist supervisor in handling basic office correspondence, document records, documents, etc.
2. Assist supervisor in handling office size matters.
3. Responsible for the company's procurement of materials and equipment.
4. Responsible for checking the quality and quantity of purchased materials.
5. Responsible for recording worker attendance.
6. To complete the works assigned by leaders and urgent work.


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Air Conditioning Technician / Apprentice (空调技术员/头手/中工/学徒)

1. Proficiency in air conditioning installation, repairing, servicing and maintenance work.
2. Ability to work independently (repair / maintenance air conditioning equipment) under the supervision of superior.
3. To complete works as assigned and scheduled according to established industry and company standard practices and procedures on time, and to prepare reports on their work activities to management.
4. On-time maintenance of equipment, adjust the equipment and repair of record.
5. To troubleshoot the equipment if found error and reported to the superior.
6. To complete all the urgent work assigned by the superior.

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