FW20C9K-2A1V (2.0HP R410A Vitamin C Air Conditioning)
FW20C9K-2A1V (2.0HP R410A Vitamin C Air Conditioning) Wall Mounted Fujiaire Johor Bahru JB Malaysia Supply, Installation, Repair, Maintenance | Double K Air Conditioning & Engineering Sdn Bhd
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Vitamin C Air Conditioning
Prolonged exposure to cold air can sometimes cause dryness of the skin.A ceramic additive in the filter slowly introduces Vitamin C into the air.Fujiaire releases a steady stream of Vitamin C paired with Zeolite,a moisture absorbent,ensuring that your skin retains its softness and smoothness,especially in the dry season.

- Slimmer Built
- Sleek,Rounded Edges
- Vitamin C filter that produces a healthy stream of moisturizers
- Zeolite to absorb moisture and keep the skin soft and smooth
- Intergrated digital LED display
- With Super-Ionizer cleaning sysem that removes dust and germs

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