FTN10QS / RN10F (1.0HP R410A Non-Inverter)
FTN10QS / RN10F (1.0HP R410A Non-Inverter) Wall-Mounted Series Daikin Air Cond Johor Bahru JB Malaysia Supply, Installation, Repair, Maintenance | Double K Air Conditioning & Engineering Sdn Bhd
RM 1,280.00
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- The ozone-friendly refrigerant
   R410A as an alternative to R22 refrigerant because it is an ozone-friendly refrigerant. R410A refrigerant has no chlorine content which do not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. R410A is of zero ozone depletion potential (OPD=0). The lower the OPD value, the better environmental performance.
- Outlook Design
  Design with elegant and modern-stylish exterior casing to enhance your interior decoration
- Advanced I-Plasma
  High effectively to deactivate bacteria by damaging those microbial DNA and their surface structures by this advanced plasma technology. It emits massive positive and negative ions, and sterilize surrounding air with more effectively. Daikin FTN-QS Series emits 100 times more ions than ionizer echnology in the current market by using our advance i-plasma technology. Daikin FTN-QS Series ensures a clean and healthy environment lifestyle for you and your family.
- Built-In-Starter (for 1-2.5hp only)
  Protect air conditioner from overcurrent condition due to malfunctioning of internal parts. This will prolong the unit's lifespam as the unit will be protected from overcurrent.
- Quiet operation
  Users are given more choices of up to five selectable fan speeds. By selecting the quiet mode users can enjoy the refreshing cool air at the sound level as low as 25dBA.
- High efficiency hydrophilic fin
  The hydrophilic coated fin ensures the condensate water moves easily to the drain pan thus enchancing the cleanliness and lifespan of the cooling coil.

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