General Clerk 普通书记

1. Assist supervisor in handling basic office correspondence, document records, documents, etc.
2. Assist supervisor in handling office size matters.
3. Responsible for the company's procurement of materials and equipment.
4. Responsible for checking the quality and quantity of purchased materials.
5. Responsible for recording worker attendance.
6. To complete the works assigned by leaders and urgent work.


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Project Administrator

1. Collect, collate and manage various technical documents, tender contracts, letters, drawings and others relevant information.
2. Responsible for all kinds of official letters, notices, briefings, information transmission, collection,
3. To assist project manager on document drafting, deal with all kinds of internal and external correspondence.
4. To help convey and deliver the instructions from department manager, orders, notice, decision and etc to relevant department. Which shall include to expedite, inspect and implement those orders, notice, decision and work plan.
5. To understand all the site overall progress, assist project manager to complete the project weekly, monthly progress claim, future funding/material cost plan, daily administrative items plan and etc.
6. Responsible for drafting and finalizing project inspection works format,project document format and etc.
7. Ensure the administrative documents must be collect and store in right file, and also document drafting works.
8. To complete all the urgent work assigned by leader.

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