Air Cooled Chiller
Air Cooled Chiller Commercial KoolMan Johor Bahru JB Malaysia Supply, Installation, Repair, Maintenance | Double K Air Conditioning & Engineering Sdn Bhd
- Capacity range

  10 - 65HP
- R410A refrigerant
- Outstanding reliability

  Multiple independent refrigeration circulate for built-in standby.Each module with independent refrigeration circuit.Completed performance and electric test before shipment.Waterproof and anti corrosive design for outdoor installation.
- Excellent Efficiency
  Highly efficient scroll compressors.Air cooled V-shaped condenser coils with optimum heat exchange in the condenser.Modular concept makes individual module work at it's peak efficiency all the time
- Design Flexibility
  Four basic capacity modules,wide array of module combinations.Standard module for flexible stock and fast delivery.Install only the capacity required at the time.
- Easy For Installation,Simple For Maintenance
  Compact size and module design save the transportation,lifting and installation cost.Most components are standard,off-the-shelf design.Modules connect easily and quickly.A complete factory run test is performed on each unit without any potential start up problem.
- Stable Control System
  Operates only the capacity required by the load.Operates at peak efficiency at any given load.Wire controller used for easy setting and operation.

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